Healthy, vibrant and full lips; it is like the aesthetic signature of the face area. It has individual structure and lines.

In our country, hyaluronic acid-based fillers are the most commonly used in the world. In recent years, our hands have been strengthened with fillings that provide more dynamic, natural results and persistence.

French Lip Filling

What distinguishes French lip fill from other filling applications?

French lip; retaining the golden ratio of the upper and lower lip, the upper lip overflowing the lower lip in certain areas and the lower upper lip is not in a straight line; just like cupid bow, it is the most important point of the line.

To ensure these lines and fullness rates we call the cannula instead of the needle, minimizing the possibility of bleeding and bruising after voiding during the procedure. In short, while we talk on social media and on the streets very often, we are applying it out of the muscle without disturbing the naturalness of the lip movements while avoiding the filling of the lip into the lip muscle, which causes duck lip expression with the over-pushed look of the lip forward.

French Lip Filler

What is the retention time of?

The retention time of lip fillings is generally it is different from fillings applied to other regions. One of the reasons for this; the lip is a moving area (speech, eating and drinking movements) and french lip natural with the movements of the used fill visible and asymmetry with movements.

In the first application is expected to be in the range of 4-6 months due to the thin structure. We are able to achieve 6-8 months of activity in subsequent applications.

French Lip Filling

Can each lip be applied?

As you will appreciate, everyone’s lips have their own unique structures and curves. Therefore, it is almost impossible to achieve the same result and effectiveness in everyone. But; french lip filling is a technique that can be applied to any type of lip.

Advantages; The procedure is more painless, and with this technique, we are able to minimize the possibility of oedema and bruising.

French Lip Filling

What should be considered after the procedure?

After each filling application, we remind you that; We recommend that you do not drink hot-cold drinks for 2-3 hours, do not shower for 24 hours, do not drink alcohol for 24 hours, do not take painkillers, vitamins for 3 days, do not enter the steam bath, sauna and pool for 3 days.

French Lip Filling

What is the process after the procedure? Is there pain?

After the procedure, mild oedema, which starts from the evening of the same day and lasts approximately 12-16 hours, originates from the sensitive structure of the lip and is quite normal. In some hypersensitive patients, oedema may be more and longer. As a preparation for these situations, we follow our patients 15-20 minutes after each French lip fill and make a small application to prevent oedema if necessary.

French Lip Filling

How long can we get it back after?

For patients who want a more voluminous result, we apply 1 cc in the first application. After about 3 weeks, additional doses may be administered if desired.

“I want a French lip fill but I have left a similar chickpea in my lip from other application from on another clinic.”

In such cases, we first melt the remaining structures of the old filling with a special liquid. After about a week, we can see our patient again and apply the French lip fill.

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