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Mesotherapy; In the middle of the 20th century, which is used in France, our skin, such as collagen, elastin, such as the dense layer of the middle layer, prepared according to the needs of the drug is the method of therapy through vitamins and peptides. In short, Mesotherapy is a form of treatment. The purpose of this drug is to act only on the skin, and therefore no side effects on the body. The solutions and apparatus used for this purpose are micro-level. Mesotherapy solutions prepared according to need; moisture vaccine, youth vaccine, salmon-DNA is called with different names.



Mesotherapy solutions are used according to the needs of the skin.

These needs are;

  • Acne scar, burn scar
  • Sun Spots
  • Loss of elasticity of skin (thinning and formation of fine wrinkles)
  • Loss of moisture in the skin
  • Skin pale, lifeless and shine loss
  • Damages caused by smoking
  • Sagging of the skin
  • Hair loss

How is applied?

Mesotherapy takes approximately 30 minutes. Topical anaesthesia is applied to the area to be applied before the procedure and waited for 20 minutes. Afterwards, the skin is cleaned and Mesotherapy solution prepared according to need is applied with 1-2mm needle tips.


What is the process after the procedure?

After the procedure, small blistering occurs due to Mesotherapy solution. They regress almost completely within about 12 hours. We do not recommend the shower or bath for 12 hours after the procedure


How many sessions do you need to apply?

Mesotherapy application is an application that varies the number of sessions according to the need. 6-8 sessions at 2-3 weeks intervals for hair loss and 3-5 sessions at 2-3 weeks intervals to the skin are recommended.


Can it be applied to other processes (filling, botox)?

It can be applied safely. Filling applications are applied to the deeper subcutaneous level and botox is applied to facial mimic muscles and can be applied together with mesotherapy.

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